Welcome to VITraining.co.uk

Welcome to VITraining.co.uk

Apprenticeship Training delivered by Vision Rehabilitation Training Ltd

Rehabilitation Worker (Visual Impairment) Apprenticeship


Our team have been involved in the training of Rehabilitation Workers for over 20 years.


We have used our experience of University and independent training programmes to develop a New apprenticeship training programme that uses modern learning methods to deliver training that suits employee and employer’s needs.


Start Dates

We have 3 start dates throughout the year. 

Winter - January/February - Enrolment as of 1st November

Summer - May/June - Enrolment as of 1st February 

Autumn - September/October  - Enrolment as of 1st June

In addition to the above dates we can deliver a bespoke cohort for individual or groups of employers.



Our courses are funded through the Government Levy funding process.


Please contact us if you are an employer who does not meet the levy criteria, there are funding opportunities available.


Let us support you

If you are considering employing an Apprentice we can support your recruitment process to ensure  your candidate meets the mandatory apprenticeship requirements.

Contact us at: [email protected]